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A Project For Change And Medical Access
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Who is this community for?
This site has been created for members in the disability community. Everyone is welcome to join but please understand that this is intended to be a supportive environment. If the current open structure becomes a problem, I will close down the open forum and remove anyone who does not offer a supportive and kind presence as I define it. That does not mean that argument is not allowed. We are here to discuss and learn from each other. As long as we maintain a respectful environment, the forum will remain open.

Who is the Mod and what is the project?
Hello everyone. My name is Andrea. I am a mother to a Deaf child, sister to someone who has Cerebral Palsy and is a FIERCE disability right activist, and I myself have ADHD. Because of my own disability and those of the ones I am closely connected to, I have experienced and witnessed how prejudice, ignorance, and well-intentioned but ill-informed medical care providers impact our wellness and equal access to healthcare.

I am a Student at Antioch University Seattle in a BA completion program with a class assignment that I would love for you to be a part of. My class is centered around how individuals can use their personal stories to create social change.

For my project, I would like to gather stories of experiences of medical care from people in the disabilities community. I plan on creating a booklet or zine of related art, photography, and primarily our stories to then pass on to the University of Washington's department of disability studies. It is my hope that by offering our experiences, future medical care providers will have a better understanding of their impact when working with future patients.

This is a class project. No profit will be made off of any contributions, in fact, I am spending a substantial amount of money to print and create this book as a donation to the UW disability studies department. I would be incredibly thankful for any donated stories, poems, or art related to healthcare and disability

Because of the often sensitive nature of these stories, anonymous contributions would be more than welcome. I have set up an anonymous account so people can post freely.

Username: anonforchange
password: 1storyforchange

Please also let me know if you have any additional ideas about this project. Ideally, I would love this to be a community action that includes as many voices as possible. Also, feel free to sped this post widely to anyone else who may be interested.

Thank you for your interest and consideration.


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